Malcolm Cooper

These are samples of the graphic designs specifically constructed for books, programs and annual reports. The clients for these designs range from nonprofit organizations, teachers unions and L.A.-based artists. Adobe Creative Suite was used to create these items including Photoshop, Illustrator as well as InDesign.  


Ride. Share. Stories. is a "rideshare memoir penned by L.A. based writer Breeze Vincinz. MR Cooper Design constructed the cover, layout, and typesetting design for the paperback version as well as the design and coding for the eBook version. Ride. Share. Stories. is available for purchase on Amazon

Book Cover

Paperback Book Construction/Design

eBook Design/Coding

Ride. Share. Stories.
Occupy Black Pitch Deck Sketch
Occupy Black Pitch Deck Sketch
Miss Fortune Pitch Deck
Bathhouse Betty's Diaries Pitch Deck
My Life In Three Easy Payments Pitch Deck
Dog and Pony Show
Life As A Boy
"Dreamboy" Cover Sketches
Sissy Sammy The Land Of WeHo 90069
Stonewall Scholarship Program Cover