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The Original Smartphone

If you have watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians or any other television series in the early 2000s, you are likely to know about the Blackberry. You might have even have used the phone. It was the only phone that had a cult-like fan base. People were obsessed with the Blackberry and simply could not get enough of it. Before there was Apple, there was Blackberry. Although Nokia dominated the mobile market, Blackberry continued to inspire people to take risks. Now, you might be aware of Apple. But, it is important that you learned more about Blackberry.


Blackberry is the pioneer of email services. It was a leader in marketing and communication. Offering a QWERTY keyboard, it made it possible for people to quickly send messages. Owning a Blackberry device was considered a privilege and many people even became addicted to the device. The technology that allowed Blackberry to reach new heights was its ability to be always-on and always-connected. It allowed people to venture into the wireless world. It provided a reliable and secure environment for accessing emails.

The first Blackberry to be launched was the Interactive Pager 950 in 1998. It offered an iconic trackball, keyboard buttons, and a small screen. It helped executives gain access to corporate emails on the go. Thus, its technology became an instant hit and everyone wanted to get their hands on a Blackberry. The tapping on the physical QWERTY keyboard made it instantly recognizable. Then, the company introduced BBM (Blackberry Instant Messaging) which catapulted it to new heights. You might think that Whatsapp is everything now. However, there was a time when BBM was everything. It was one of the reasons why people bought a Blackberry phone.


Blackberry was created in 1999. It became an instant hit with its Blackberry 850. The main feature that competitors simply could not compete with was emails on the go. The company behind the phone was Research in Motion (RIM). The company later launched the Interactive Pager 900 which went on to become a huge success. The name of the company was coined by Lexicon Branding. It chose the name due to the keyboard buttons of the company and drupelets that showcased the fruit. Blackberry continued to focus on web browsing, internet faxing, text messaging, mobile telephone, and email to cater to a huge audience. Blackberry moved from its monochrome display to try out just about every type of design. It launched a variety of phones to ensure dominance over the market.

Is Blackberry Still Used Today?

Things have changed considerably since the first Blackberry was introduced. The company announced that it would no longer make devices in 2016. However, the company has picked up where it stopped to launch the 5G Blackberry in 2021. It is expected to run on Android. Its classics are extremely beautiful and sophisticated. If there is one thing that the company can teach others, it is to not give up and keep being innovative.


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