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A partnership with Black Jupiter can produce a dynamic new website that can boost your profile in the community and raise awareness of your services.

Women Alive

Women Alive is a nonprofit organization that provides services to women and families of color within Los Angeles who are impacted by HIV/AIDS. We are currently in the process of rebranding their online presence. These examples show he current website as well as what the future will look like.

National Council of Negro Women

The National Council of Negro Women was founded by Mary McCleod Bethune and has been the mainstay in provided services for African American women and their families for decades. We helped the View park branch develop a web presence that maintained its unique identity while remaining in compliance with the greater national organization’s branding.

Piccolo's Books

Piccolo's Books offers great pre-owned books for $1.00. Their Promenade store offers a Community Theatre for the whole family with Acting, Sewing, Open Mic, Storytelling, Workshops, Seminars, Youth Programs and much more.

Poets Jazz House

The Poets Jazz House is a community based artist performance space reminiscent of “beatnik” poetry spots of the 60’s where there Is snapping instead of clapping, sage is burning and all forms of poetry and spoken word are welcomed.

Soulful Salon

The Soulful Salon Podcast is the brainchild of three distinct personalities drawn together by their love of politics, culture and the sound of their own voices. Chicago based C.G. and Paco independently have entertained the idea of producing their own separate podcasts in the past but as fate would have it, decided to combine their forces and make one together. Rounding out Soulful Salon is the "Ringo" of the group Breeze who resides in Hollywood, CA and just so happens to be the little brother of Paco.

At The Beach (ATB)

At The Beach (ATB) is an organization that celebrates the lives of LGBT communities of color. We were honored and thrilled to contructed the website to promote their 2009 festivities.

Dale Guy Madison

For actor/author Dale Guy Madison we incorporated his affinity for animal prints throughout the construction of his website and incorporated handwritten fonts to reflect the comfortable and welcoming aspects of his work.

Breeze Vincinz

Breeze Vincinz is the founder of Black Jupiter and we decided to construct his portfolio of work in a vibrant and exciting tones that match both his work and personality while still maintaining a level of professionalism.

If I Were Obama's Mama

If I Were Obama’s Momma was play written and directed by Joy Shani A’Che and needed a website that reflected both the integrity Obama’s historic campaign as well as the humor of the characters within the story.

Private Thoughts

Another of Joy Shani A’Che plays, Private Thoughts dealt with the surreptitious lives of lesbians of color through the ages. Told in three different stories with minimal props, we designed this this site to match the evocative feel of A’Che story and characters.

Male Media Mind

The Male Media Mind is a blog that raising the conscienceless of the bear community by discussing science, philosophy, and politics. All of the contributors come from different backgrounds; geographically, chronologically, and culturally, so readers are bound to find a voice that resonates with the. The blog offers a wide range of perspectives as the contributors tell the truth as they see it which is often hilarious, outrageous, and heartbreaking.

...In Production

A sampling a few web presences that we are currently working on. These prototypes show the direction that we heading towards in completing these projects with our clients.   

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