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Malcolm Cooper
Malcolm Cooper

These are examples of t-shirt graphic designs that I have constructed over the years. The T-shirt designs for the nonprofit SHIELDS for Families were constructed for their participation in the Al-Impics annual athletic competition for people in recovery. These particular designs resulted in the organization receiving first-place accolades for best T-shirt design, including the 2009 design where pictures were taken of the 300 participants, and each image was modified to resemble Shepard Fairey's Barack Obama "Hope" campaign posters. Instead of the word "Hope" we used "Miracle" to coincide with that years' theme. The designs for MaleMediaMind have also been used on other collectible items such as mugs, mousepads, and iPhone cases.

Al-Impics 2010
Al-Impics 2011
Al-Impics 2012
Al-Impics 2007
SHIELDS For Families World Design
SHIELDS For Families Words Design
Poets Jazz House
Male Media Mind "3 Block" Design
Onyx SW Chapter
M3 "Abstract Logo" Design
M3 "Next Model Top" Design
M3 "Bear Is The New Black" Design
M3 "Team Thick" Design
M3 "Pin Up Boys Tattoo" Design
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